Phil’s MVM 78:12 powder and capsules


You may feel immeasurably better.

Phil’s 78:12 formulation is a unique blend of All the essential minerals and ultra-trace elements. All the 12 known vitamins and All 78 known nutritional minerals and elements balanced in proportion to the body’s requirements.

I half-jokingly refer to it as the world’s first perfect multivitamin.

I say “half” because I am actually serious but can’t really make a claim like that and comply with legal requirements.

The other half is deadly serious because it the vitamin/mineral part of the content is balanced according to your body’s absorption ability, and answers the gross deficiencies that occur in the Australian diet. See “Australian Health Survey” at: []

Disease – “genetic” or acquired?

Probably the biggest lie that a government-backed, “big-pharma”-promoted concept is that Australians massively high incidence of chronic disease  is genetic and can be fixed by the “magic bullet” effect of a drug, and that eating foods that have now been proven beyond doubt to be grossly mineral and vitamin deficient have nothing to do with it. It is outrageous that this lie has been perpetuated in the face of blatant denials of the avalanche research that proves otherwise, while upwards of 70% of Australians have been needlessly suffering from this lie for decades. Well, now the truth is out. The survey has now been analysed truthfully, and the results are clear. Up to 93% of Australians are deficient in one or more minerals, and that deficiency is affecting their growth and their health.

AND while only a handful of minerals have been analysed officially, plenty of other research points to gross deficiencies in lesser known trace elements, like chromium, molybdenum, selenium, germanium, vanadium, iodine, silicon, boron, even fluorine in tiny doses. The important thing is to receive them in balance and in colloidal form, for optimum health benefits. Metals in the oxidised form, generated as a waste product of industry, are generally toxic to your cells. That’s why we take so much care when formulating our preparations.

Disease states that you may recognise.

The Australian Health Survey (AHS) has officially announced deficiency disease states from mineral and vitamin deficiencies. In other words, if your cells begin to run out of micronutrients, then you may get sick and develop sometimes quite shocking symptoms.

So, I prefer to think of MVM 78:12 as a food supplement rather than a specific, well-balanced vitamin/mineral preparation. And to my knowledge, this preparation is unique in that it answers ALL of the deficiencies that the average Australians are encountering, and that may cause them to develop slowly degenerating health, according to the AHS.

Over 70% of Australians are suffering from chronic illnesses! And most of these have been identified in this survey as deficiency diseases. Our MVM 78:12 is designed with this issue front and centre in our mind.

Dr Linus Pauling, winner of two Nobel Prizes stated:

You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment, ultimately to a mineral deficiency“.

Why a “food supplement”?

The answer is because the Australian Health Survey of 2016 clearly states that up to 90% of Australians do not obtain the necessary mineral input from their foods. So if you add this to a meal then that problem should be resolved in theory. And so it turns out in practice, if constant client feedback is any guide.

So if you believe that you are “eating well” but just need that extra “something” that normal multivitamins just don’t seem to supply, then I can heartily recommend our MVM 78:12.

Client feedback comments*:

“My children are happier and healthier and had a really good winter without going down with the flu from kindergarten”.

“It actually makes me feel better – I am surprised”.

“I feel stronger and my joint pain seems to be a lot less this year”.

*Name and address withheld but available on individual request.

So, why would anybody be without it?

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