Wellness Pharmacy

Wellness Pharmacy

All prescriptions including medical cannabis.

Organic ranges, complementary natural treatments and all the usual items you expect from a pharmacy.

Compound Chemist

Compounding Chemist

Tailored prescriptions with quality ingredients compounded on-site.

Competitive prices and postage for distance customers.



Supportive service with 17 years' experience.

Expert mask fitting and troubleshooting making your sleep longer and better.

Leading brands and affordable solutions.


Naturopath and Nutritionist Clinic

We are there for you every step of the way, for issues large and small.

Treatments for simple and complex conditions.


Habitual Change

Quit smoking  and control your negative eating in 60 minutes - guaranteed.

We also provide guaranteed solutions to many triggered behaviours.

Identify and Manage Your Health Concerns


$99 initial consultation including health tests to commence your journey. Expert health analysis and programs designed to heal & enhance your body.

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    Healthy Lifestyle Changes

    We are dedicated to giving you a happier, healthier life... making better choices working with a qualified naturopath collaborating with a dedicated nutritionist.

  • Herbal Medicine

    Herbal Medicine

    Restorative herbal tonics individually prescribed with consultation. Herbs are used in conjunction with our programs. Scripts filled also. Full homeopathic dispensary & immunisation.

  • Nutrition


    Highly qualified nutritionists individually design your nutritional program. We supply a full range of supplements so we can make any formulation. 

  • Pain Management

    Pain Management

    There are alternatives to traditional medicines when it comes to treating pain. Many strategies in our arsenal can treat your pain without side effects.


Our Programs


Because of our experience as pharmacists and naturopaths we have a good insight into what makes your body work and how to develop a customised programme for you.

Quit Smoking

Desperate to quit smoking and just can’t seem to do it? Smoking is expensive, isn’t it? Have you worked out the cost lately? Around $15,000 per year or so? Need to move up to a bigger house for your family but don’t have the funds? We guarantee to help you stop smoking. Yes, quitting smoking
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Vaccination programme

We can vaccinate against cold and ‘flu.Adults: common childhood viral illnesses, like measles, mumps and whooping cough.
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Community medicine programme

Our pharmacy provides blister pack (“dosette”) packs for busy or elderly local residents. These may be delivered if you are non-ambulatory.
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Our Products

Wade - Wellness Chemist

Anas barbarae


Anas barbarae aka Oscillococcinum is a homoeopathic that is popular in France for helping to reduce the symptoms of cold

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Sale! Wade - Wellness Chemist

Calcium Orotate 600mg Capsules 100

$59.00 $55.00

May help to maintain normal calcium tissue levels.

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Sale! Wade - Wellness Chemist

Herbal Cold and ‘Flu health tonic 100ml

$29.95 $25.95

Only on request, we can make for you various combinations of evidence-based herbs that your local or our in-house naturopath

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Sale! Wade - Wellness Chemist

Magnesium Glycinate capsules

$59.00 $55.00

Magnesium glycinate in 850mg capsules. Pack size: 100 Magnesium performs a number of essential jobs in your body. It acts

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Trees and plants regenerate energy

Losing massive areas of trees and arable land robs us of much needed energy. It is quite a paradox that we are deforesting our land mass to “plant” wind turbines and also covering arable land to increase coverage of solar panels as these provide the energy to sustain a stable population – although it would
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Chronic Illness by Phillip Wade B. Pharm. Post Grd Diplomas: ND (Adv), DBM (Botanical), D ClinicalNutr, DRM. MATMS. ©

What are chronic illnesses and is it possible to recover from them? © So what exactly is a chronic illness? Is it just chronic fatigue, is it being in permanent pain? Is it some vaguely-defined feeling of fatigue, unwellness, perhaps with painful joints or abdominal discomfort, regular headaches, inability to fall pregnant, loss of taste
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Re-build Ageing Bones By Phil Wade

Is it “ageing” or is it osteoporosis and just happening to practically everyone? Osteoporosis – what exactly is it? And why do the joints calcify (develop “rheumatism) as this happens. And can we prevent this from happening?  By Phil Wade The definition that is closest to the actual description and development of osteoporosis is as
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