Wellness Pharmacy

Wellness Pharmacy

Organic ranges, alternative treatments for pain & all the usual items you expect in a Chemist. Outstanding service usually by a Pharmacist. Med reviews, home medication Webster paks, Diabetes Australia outlet, free home delivery & more…

Compound Chemist

Compounding Chemist

Only quality ingredients supported by PCCA. Competitive prices & a postage service for distance customers. The latest treatments including Medical Cannabis



Personal, supportive service with 17 years experience to enhance your CPAP strategies. Expert mask fitting & troubleshooting making your sleep longer & better. All brands ResMed, Philips, Fisher & Paykel, DeVilbiss, Transcend, Weinman


Naturopath Clinic

Everything you expect from a Naturopath but more. Phil’s experience & knowledge is crucial to our success. Using the latest tech of Hemaview, BIA, Microcurrent & more. Healing chronic conditions for people who have tried everything.


Habitual Change

Quit Smoking in Sixty minutes. Or, control your negative eating in sixty minutes – both guaranteed. We also provide guaranteed solutions to many of life's other habitual traps. PLUS, Any repeat sessions (if needed) will be FREE. Call us today.

Identify and Manage Your Health Concerns


$99 initial consultation including health tests to commence your journey. Expert health analysis & programs designed to heal & enhance your body. Service your body, not just your car!

  • Herbal Medicine

    Herbal Medicine

    The healing power of nature us undeniable. Herbal tonics prescribed just for you with consultation. Herbs are used in conjunction with our programs. Scripts filled also. Full homeopathic dispensary & immunisation.

  • Nutrition


    Two highly qualified Nutritionists to individually design your Nutritional program. Nutrition is used on conjunction with our programs. Scripts filled also. Food as medicine as well as Nutritional Supplements.

  • Pain Management

    Pain Management

    You need not rely on toxic medicines to treat your pain. Many strategies in our arsenal to successfully treat your pain without side-effects.

  • and Much More..

    and Much More..

    A truly unique family-run business. We care about our customers & patients & our high standing in the local community is due to this commitment to each individual.


Our Programs


Because of our experience as pharmacists and naturopaths we have a good insight into what makes your body work and how to develop a customised programme for you.

Quit Smoking

Desperate to quit smoking and just can’t seem to do it? Smoking is expensive, isn’t it? Have you worked out the cost lately? Around $15,000 per year or so? Need to move up to a bigger house for your family but don’t have the funds? We guarantee to help you stop smoking. Yes, quitting smoking
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Vaccination programme

We can vaccinate against cold and ‘flu.Adults: common childhood viral illnesses, like measles, mumps and whooping cough.
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Community medicine programme

Our pharmacy provides blister pack (“dosette”) packs for busy or elderly local residents. These may be delivered if you are non-ambulatory.
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Our Products

Wade - Wellness Chemist

Anas barbarae


Anas barbarae is a homoeopathic that is popular in France for helping to reduce the symptoms of cold and ‘flu.

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Wade - Wellness Chemist

Calcium Orotate 600mg Capsules


May help to maintain normal calcium tissue levels.

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Sale! Wade - Wellness Chemist

Herbal Cold and ‘Flu health tonic 100ml

$29.95 $25.95

Only on request, we can make for you various combinations of evidence-based herbs that your local or our in-house naturopath

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Sale! Wade - Wellness Chemist

Phil’s Green Smoothi . Wade Range

$89.00 $85.00

Phil’s Green Smoothi makes a drink base that provides complete daily nutrition. Possibly the world’s first complete nutritional supplement.

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Latest News from Our Blog


Staying healthy while self-isolating

Ideas for healthy home-living Gardening is a great pastime especially for the elderly. Light, physical work lifts your circulation and should be manageable if arthritic or fatigued. Herbs or herbal medicines containing Korean Ginseng, Ginkgo biloba, ginger, peppermint lemon balm lift your immune system and are available to buy from the Wellness Chemist or health
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Minimise coronavirus infection

Lane Cove Wellness Centre March 2 at 8:05 AM ·   Health Building Kit for boosting cold and ‘flu immunity and minimising cold and ‘flu severity Take plenty of walks in the open air near trees and gardens – preferably away from motor vehicle traffic. Drink an abundance of alkaline water daily but not excessive. Overall,
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Build resistance to flu and other virus strains

Build resistance to your immune system via boosting White blood cell activity that protect you from virus infections like the Covid-19 virus and the ‘flu. Regular, light exercise is important.https://medlineplus.gov/ency/article/007165.htm Further, Emanuel Cheraskin showed us in the 70s that you can improve the activity of white blood cells by 39 times just by supplementing with
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