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Pain Management – free service

This pharmacy provides a formal service of intermediate pain management. That is, the “halfway”: point between receiving the injury and needing more radical medical treatments.

Our trained pharmacist will take you the various steps of pain relief on offer, and match the treatment to fit the pain level to arrive at a programme that is unique to you, including natural pain killers that may help to reduce the need for medications that have side effects.

We monitor this carefully on our follow ups, so that we can adjust this level of medication and/or treatment if needed. 


  • It is important for you to incorporate natural pain killers into your regime, so that you do not suffer from unwanted side effects of the medication.
  • Saves you up to 6 months of unnecessary pain while awaiting your appointment with the pain clinic.
  • Pharmaceutical and natural painkillers including, SPMs, PEA, and Microcurrent patches or pads may not only relieve your pain immediately but also in the long term reduce the load of sometimes addictive opiates and mind-numbing nerve agents.
  • It is imperative that we come up with the right formula for you to achieve maximum pain relief with minimum side effects.
  • No delay – you can walk right in. Just phone first. See contact page.
  • How does it work?

According to the Painaustralia, “Pain is the most common reason why people seek health care, and yet it is the most misunderstood and neglected areas of health care. One in five Australians lives in chronic (ongoing) pain, including adolescents and children. This number rises to one in three in the over-65 age group”.

What are the available treatments?

We use evidence-based medication and devices, pharmaceutical and natural medicine. One such device is a frequency specific microcurrent machine, and “satellite”, take-home versions. It reduces the pain-sensing chemicals called cytokines by 90% and this effect may last over a ten-day period. 

Examples of natural treatments are SPMs, PEA, other plant flavonoids, and microcurrent..

Microcurrent patches and/or treatments utilise precise, evidence-based frequencies on a par with the finest electronic homoeopathy.   

Not to be confused with TENS, its current is 1,000 times less than a TENS machine. To see proof of effectiveness, and how microcurrent works in pain relief, go to this link.

SPMs and PEA work by activating your own internal (endogenous) cannabinoid receptors, blocking the action of certain pain-sensing nerves. They also help to relieve cold and flu. 

Benefit to you

You acquire maximum pain relief that delivers the least side effects. The microcurrent treatment may also help to deliver permanent pain relief.*


The advantage of this approach

A major advantage is to avoid the the side effects of certain pharmaceutical medications. These may be either stomach ulcers or bloating and constipation. The stronger pain killers like oxycodone and Fentanyl can cause horrible addictions also.

The step between GP and pain clinic.

Our pharmacy can offer you pain treatment in a novel way, by combining a moderate plant concentrate or a potent plant drug (with neither exhibiting side effects), with lower doses of standard analgesics, if the latter is needed at all.

Summary of benefits

  • You suffer fewer side effects
  • You get to treat your pain with a blend of natural substances that are harmonious with your body.
  • One of these plant “drugs” is PEA. Also one of the “entourage drugs” in the cannabis plant, this is an extract of palm oil that is also concentrated from soybeans. Made into capsules of 300mg in our compounding lab, this plant drug was originally discovered in 1957 by French researchers, with extensive studies revealing it to be a potent analgesic (pain killer) without any side effects.


Our experts can help you identify and manage your health concerns using modern, safe and effective techniques.

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