Are protective bugs dying off in our society?

At a recent Lane Cove Rotary meeting, famous Rotarian, Lindsay May, made an informative documentary of his recent Kokoda trek with his two sons, David and Andrew as part of a Charity drive. Trekking at times in mud and mist through the wilds of the Owen Stanley ranges, they would have encountered a great diversity of beneficial bugs that are prolific there, but now have been sanitised from our urban society. What role do bugs play in overall health? According to Prof Grigor Reid, an international presenter at the recent International Functional Medicine Congress in NSW’s Hunter Valley on the human micro-biome, entire species of  beneficial bugs have now become extinct, more so in cities. This mass extinction has robbed your gut of a diversity of living protectors and lubricators. As they die off, this sets off a chain of events that may lead to gut ulceration, less efficiency of your glands and organs, an overactive immune system. To show the reduced diversity, they ‘exposed’ a volunteer university student to ten days of refined, mass produced fast foods comprising chicken and hamburgers, and he lost 45% of his species.

How can my health suffer as a result?

At the above International Congress on Nutritional Medicine, it was revealed that 80% of your protective immune cells reside in the gut lymph vessels, they continually sample gut contents. So, if an undigested food generates an inflammatory response, they become “invaders” that need to be neutralised.

Is loss of protective ‘bugs’ related to peanut allergy, asthma, autism, ADD and even blood pressure?

Reduced diversity of “good” bugs can cause inflammation in the gut and right throughout your body, starting in your blood vessels.

Can restoring these bugs somehow reverse this trend of ill health?

Yes. By addressing this restoration in the right way, restoring the levels in your body of “good” bugs may have a beneficial effect on common diseases related to the brain, lungs, blood vessels, breast glands, ovaries, prostate and heart.

What effect does inflammation have on blood pressure?

The above exciting information couples neatly with what Dr Mark Houston and colleagues shared with us a couple of years ago, that heart and blood vessel inflammation almost certainly affects blood pressure and stroke potential, and how to reduce this.

How do you prevent further extinctions and even restore “good” bugs?

Is it just a matter of taking generic probiotics?

Firstly, for existing conditions, it will be necessary to “kill off” parasites and harmful bacteria and fungi that colonised your gut and also your body internally, as well as gently restore your liver. Your liver’s detoxification chemistry will have been exhausted by trying to digest undigested food particles and neutralise harmful microbes.

To restore “good” bugs, then you will need to take the right strains of the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacter species that have been discovered by Grigor Reid and co-workers to stimulate the growth of others.

That means that when you bring in your doctor’s prescription for blood pressure medication or an infection, we can give you significant advice on many issues, to enhance the effectiveness of your prescribed drugs.

Can reduced microbiome affect my unborn child?

Yes. as there may be up to ten times as many bugs circulating in your body as  there are actual human cells, the destruction of these with antibiotics may affect the immune response of your child in its early years.

can this be avoided or rectified?

Yes, we believe that it can. However, it must be managed well. Taking random probiotics may help but taking the correct ones and in the right sequence – as well as attending to the subsequent leaky gut condition –  will produce a better result.

Treating these and other underlying causes of advancing illness symptoms always been my passion in pharmacy. AND that is why we employ extra pharmacists – to share their hard-earned knowledge with you – to enhance your wellness outcome™. For more info, see: http://

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