In his book, Medical Medium, Anthony William tells us that Menopausal symptoms do not just happen – they are caused. He cites 3 major causes: Epstein Barr Virus (EBV), the excessive use of X-rays and the agricultural pesticide DDT.

these in turn may interfere with hormone production, cause inflammatory proliferation of cells and disrupt hormone activity and create catastrophic blocks of nerve activity in brain and body.

Can these root causes be treated? The answer is … yes but it takes some dedication. Dedication to changing up your diet and lifestyle and being prepared to undergo  a corrective programme.

Contact us for treatment protocols, including corrective therapy.

These will include simple measures that may remove DDT and BPAs, reduce the EBV infection, and prevent and reverse the effect of radiation.

  • EBV and other virus families have gained traction as we have become more urbanised and learnt to control our “natural” enemy – bacteria.
  • As pesticide was invented in thus period, damaging X-rays came along later, especially popular in shoe shops in the sixties to eighties. And along with these came massive population growth and subsequent over-farming of our soil, depleting its mineral reserves in many places globally.
  • This all adds up to malfunctioning biological systems from toxicity and under nutrition.

So, to start with we go to:

  • treating the inflammation and discomfort firstly,
  • correct short term underlying causes secondly (e.g. dysbiosis a n “leaky gut” that we can test for)
  • and then we address the main causes.

These latter choices depend on individual exposure that needs to be determined individually.

One good way to reduce inflammation is with Wades Winter Mix and our Wild Yam cream special formula and our nettle/Dong quai- based herbal mixture also containing herbal anti-virals, immune supports and anti-microbials.


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