You need our Pharmacist/naturopath’s advice more than ever before. Opiate addiction is becoming out of control due to changing regulations and subsequent prescribing habits of medical practitioners.

What can I buy to relieve pain if codeine becomes restricted?

Firstly, use that old standby: ask the pharmacist!

Why? Because our pharmacists are trained to manage you through your various levels and types of pain.

And by teaming with our naturopath, we are able to devise natural options other than oral analgesics to treat pain successfully. This type of pain is referred to generally as fibromyalgia. What other options are available, other than codeine, NSAIDs like ibuprofen and Voltaren, or paracetamol?

For permanent pain related to joint calcification, such as in the spine or other joints in the body, Dr Carl’s shockwave therapy is the latest technique to join our clinic pain offering..

What other types of natural oral analgesics are available?

Several herbs* have proven pain relieving effects along with certain bioflavonoids*. Very few side effects have been noted for these. Medical Cannabis is a very good option that boosts pain killing, along with related palm oil extract Palmitoyl ethanolamide (PEA).

*purpose-designed combinations are available on request. We make them in blends to suit your type of pain. Herbs with exotic names such as Harpagophytum procumbens, Xanthoxylum clava-hercules, Pukutea, Salix alba, Uncaria tomentosa, Zingiber officinalis, Escholzia californicus, along with eucalyptus, menthol, camphor, green tea, Boswellia, Tripterygium wilfordii are all best used in combinations. Of course, various herbs and oils are more suited to treat some conditions than others.

**Ask our pharmacists to show you Wade’s “Winter Mix” – made in our lab.

Can I rub herbal gels or liniments to help with pain?

When might NSAIDs or paracetamol be harmful?

Of course, with prolonged use, NSAIDs may cause ulceration** and paracetamol may cause liver toxicity**. So, they must be used judiciously and under guidance from the pharmacist.

How addictive is codeine?

Used correctly and pharmacists’ advice, there is NO data** to show that this form of codeine is addictive, despite recent puzzling statements that have been made by Canberra politicians and bureaucrats.

Yes – definitely, according to the Cochrane review of all available evidence.* Either in ready-made or tailored, lab-made formulae, they have been used traditionally. Frequency specific microcurrent can also reduce pain for relatively long periods **.

Vitamins too?

Remarkably, vitamin C in combination with ZinAc complex and bioflavonoids, being anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant in nature, may reduce inflammation and therefore pain**.

Are there other natural anti-inflammatory agents like this?

Yes, turmeric has a noted anti-inflammatory effect. The BCM95 strain has been extensively studied, as well as Theracumin. Both are effective, particularly in combination*** with either saffron or the Anti-inflammatory with BCM95 Turmeric, herbs Harpagophytum procumbens and Escholzia californica.**

***this comes ready-made and is handled by our natural medicine staff.

How about joint pain like arthritis?

We can show you various ways to treat this by reducing the inflammation that causes it.  Such treatments are proven, with combinations of abovementioned concentrates and curcuminoids.

Can I avoid any inflammatory foods?

Removing inflammatory foods, ** mean that you may need lower doses of NSAIDs and paracetamol – or can at reduce pain without them.

What if I have “nerve pain”?

We can make compounded ointments that you can apply directly to the relevant spinal joint(s), on recommendation of physio, naturopath or medico. You may also experience long-term benefit with Frequency specific microcurrent.**

PEA and pain

Next, a recent, non-addictive discovery of a natural plant substance PEA (Palmitoylethanolamide)* has shown pronounced pain-relieving ability against a wide variety of pain origins and no discernable sif=de effects**.  We can compound this into capsules in the recommended dosage that other large scale trials have shown will reduce pain in sciatic patients by 50%.

As an added “bonus”, PEA is one of the non0sedating “entourage constituents” that has been identified in medical cannabis.*

*The bottom line is – ask our pharmacist, who is intensively trained in pharmacology and can guide you through the “pain-reliever maze”.

**Evidence available on request

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