Compounding Chemist

Receiving your prescription

Your doctor has given you a special prescription because normal OTC prescriptions don’t “fill the bill” in your case. What next? Simply bring, scan or or fax the prescription to us, and then contact us by phone or in person.

Your doctor will have informed why you need a prescription made especially for you. You can rest assured that the ingredients that we use have all been lab analysed and are of the highest quality. Not only that but your prescription also will be dispensed by specially-trained pharmacists who have up-skilled in this highly specialised area where drugs must be prepared in unique, high-quality bases, in sometimes incredibly tiny doses using their specially acquired skills and knowledge.

Ordering your Prescription

What next? Simply bring, scan or or fax the prescription to us at 61 2 9418 6846., and then contact us by phone or in person. You may phone for confirmation at 61 2 9427 1196 or Scan it and Email to: – but you must follow up with a phone call.

Then post or bring in your original prescription.


We can deliver the prescription by post or courier. Fees may apply. We aim for a same day turnaround although occasionally there may be a delay depending on availability of the drug. We will discuss this on the phone or when we see you. Remember, your need is unique and sometimes, so is the drug or drug combination.

Happy Hormones

As compounding Chemists we are able to fill prescriptions the old fashioned way. Let me explain… in the past, issues like menopause could only be treated by synthetic chemical, imitation “hormones”.

While some of these indeed may imitate some of the effects of your natural oestrogen hormone, for example, they may also exert some unwanted effects. This may happen because a residue of the synthetic hormone may linger in your cells, exerting activity long after it should, your existing degrading hormone mechanism of specialised enzymes being unable to break it down, following its intended action. This is the form of oestrogen that can irritate any tissue, cause inflammation, ovarian cysts and unwanted multiplication of follicular cells that may form types of tumours.

We can obtain the actual human hormone and with this, make lozenges, creams and long acting capsules. This means to you that you can accumulate the lovely 2 OH-oestradiol that makes you sweet and sexy rather than irritable and toxic.

You see… both men and women possess this hormone. It is made from testosterone in both sexes and that is originally made from cholesterol . So, when you supplement with testosterone and oestrogens it is in your best interests to use actual hormones rather than patented hormones. They must be ordered on a doctor’s prescription.

Doctor’s prescription

You can email or fax through your patient’s prescription – as can the patient – for a speedy service and then post the original document immediately. We can then have them ready for your patient to collect or alternately post the medication, whatever you choose. We will then retain the prescription on our file. This has the advantage that we can dispatch immediately future orders for ‘repeats’ on receipt of a verbal or written request from your patient.


Lozenges (troches)

We make these from the very finest materials that release the hormones into your system at a slow rate.They are pleasantly flavoured to your choice and contain no sugars. They are manufactured in specialist moulds and come in packs of 30 but you can really order any amount.


The hormone is absorbed into skin cells and fatty tissue quite readily from this ‘transdermal’ medication form, according to Dr Kenna Stephenson, the Texan hormone specialist, at the International Hormone Conference at the Gold Coast Marriott in June 2009. Then it is released slowly into your general circulation as it travels slowly through these areas. That is ideal from your point of view. The bases that we use are specially designed to allow for deep penetration of your hormone into the tissue.

Dosage advice can be readily obtained from our pharmacy by your physician.


These are suitable for most hormones but not for oestrogens.


These are suitable for many applications, particularly for vaginal infections and specifically for testosterone administration. Call us for details.


Any medication may be administered via suppository, as the drug will be well absorbed from this dosage form into your general system. Suppositories are especially useful for the treatment of both internal and external haemorrhoids, fissures and ulcers.

Some other conditions that can now be treated by compounding include:


Some medications that were quite effective for the treatment of migraines are no longer available off the shelf. Call us and we can make them for you.

Serious Pain Relief

Many medications that can be administered by mouth to relieve pain have such toxic side effects that they are never used. However, with our trans-dermal formulations, they can be administered safely and effectively.

Cold Sores

We have formulated a successful cold sore lotion that has been proven over years of successful use.

Bed Sores

Our bed sore cream formulation has also stood the test of time and has left many a smile on the face of the hapless sufferer.

Itchy, Red Skin

Our cream for itchy, red skin, has had many successful outcomes. Again, it is a specialty product and formulated over the years for top results. For any concerns that you may have about eczema, contact us.

KH3 capsules: This popular anti-ageing preparation is also discontinued. It is available through us.

Popular, old fashioned Travel Sickness tablets or capsules: also available through us.

You can check these out and find even more information on excellent treatment solutions by calling in or ringing us.


Prior to an initial consultation, clients at Lane Cove Wellness Centre receive a New Client Pack (NCP). You will need to Email in order to obtain one of these.

Careful, thoughtful answers to the questions contained in the NCP are required. Thorough completion of the questionnaires and surveys not only improves the accuracy of the client’s assessment but it also improves the efficiency of their communication with us, thus reducing the need for extended consultation time and this subsequently saves money. The NCP contains...

  • Assessment of Nutritional Status (clinic entry form)
  • Mini context of care (to focus you on you) clinic entry form)
  • 5 day diet survey
  • Health history questionnaire (client past and client family history) 40 questions
  • HAQ – health appraisal questionnaire – 368 questions
  • Lifestyle index
  • Medication history
  • Lifestyle/environment questionnaire (for postal clients only) 32 questions
  • Others related to special conditions if required

If you wish to come to the Wellness Centre for a consultation, you’ll still need to complete the questionnaires and return them to the Centre at least 3 days before your appointment, so we have enough time to analyse them properly.


Our experts can help you identify and manage your health concerns using modern, safe and effective techniques.

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