Trees and plants regenerate energy

Losing massive areas of trees and arable land robs us of much needed energy.

It is quite a paradox that we are deforesting our land mass to “plant” wind turbines and also covering arable land to increase coverage of solar panels as these provide the energy to sustain a stable population – although it would be OK for robots powered by AI.

The miracle of plants, algae and cyanobacters in being able to harness photosynthesis from their chlorophyl to produce oxygen, fibre and starch is such an incomprehensibly wondrous phenomenon that it is basically hidden in plain sight.

So why are they disappearing even faster lately?QLD Solar Farms

In our infinite wisdom (not) our world governments are hell-bent on deforestation and general defoliation.

Why? because this reduces the energy that we use for running our homes and for travel.

How? Through erecting enormous wind turbines largely by replacing forests and hundreds of square miles of solar panels on arable land.

How do they build these? Through coal-fired powere furnaces/smelters in China that procudes 30% of global emissions that warm our planet.

Trouble is they are not only over-heating the planet by doing this but they are also also robbing us of vital energy to be able to – you know – stay alive. Oops!

Losing animal habitat

This also means of course that animals are also dying out along with the plants.

And as mankind is carnivouous as well as herbivorous then I guess that we won’t have enough of any sort of  food to go around. Double oops!

Scientists are “puzzled” by the sudden spike in global warming.

(SMH 27/3/24). The answer is pretty obvious really. Forests cool the land and air because their little chlorophyll factories that produce starch, fibre and oxygen are endothermic (cooling) reactions. But the added bonus is that the material they use to do this is the very gases that are over-warming our planet – carbon dioxide and water vapour.

So they keep us and animals cool underneath and help the air cool down enough to allow water vapour to become rain – that waters the plants and so perpetuate the cycle.

And keep our seasons nice and balmy and comfortable. Or at least they used to once.

Oh and water keeps us alive too.

But all plants also create oxygen.

And the original chlorophyll that enables the above chemical reactions to occur to achieve this whole amazing creation.

Equally amazing “by-products” are wood for building materials, and fibre for clothing and bowel-cleansing, food and medicines, and more.

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Plant based clothing.

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So if the scientists want to solve the puzzle they are always free to ring me.

Phil Wade


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