Calcium Orotate 600mg Capsules 100

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Calcium orotate 600mg. Pack size 100

Feeling the “arthritis” in the joints? A big part of that is what is called “calcium crystal disease”.[i]

Ca Orotate may bind such calcium crystals by the ion-neutralising process of biologic chelation*. That means that it may remove calcium where it is not wanted in your synovial fluid and deliver it to bone cells where it is needed.

In this way, it may be passively absorbed by the constantly, rapidly-multiplying bone cells or osteocytes that may have specialised receptors for this compound, as the orotic acid fraction is involved in purine synthesis that is vital for DNA production.[ii]

Here it will bind with collagen to form osteo-calcin.

If you want to help to overcome the significant daily dietary calcium deficiency that has been uncovered by the official government Australian Health Survey that it says is the number one cause of osteoporosis, we suggest that you team up your calcium orotate with not only its companion magnesium glycinate but also to boost your diet with the calcium-rich Wade’s food supplement called Phil’s Green Smoothi or the meal replacement version called Phil’s Green Supasmoothi.

Alternately, our own multivitamin/mineral formulation called MVM 12:78 powder or capsules also contains 50% of your daily calcium and magnesium per ½teaspoonful serve or 30% per capsule.

If you are interested in learning more about calcium orotate or are interested in ordering some for your own use, please contact us.


Notice: all compounded preparations are only available on request with your name and address details as we need to make them freshly as per regulations.



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