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Wades Mixed Pectins  80g

What they are

This combination of citrus and apple pectins, sodium alginate and acacia ..

How they help

At the same time, these are all natural anti-inflammatory agents that may help to protect the relatively delicate cells in the oesophagus from attack by stomach acids. This constant irritation by these acids may lead to “Barret’s Oesophagus) which itself may be a prelude to cancer.[i]

The gel formed by the pectins may reduce significantly reflux or GORD (gastro oesophageal reflux disease)

Because the inadequacy of the LOS (lower oesophageal sphincter) is possibly caused in many cases by a hiatus hernia[iii], it is wise to not only protect the lining of the oesophagus but also to prevent reflux with the gel that forms in your stomach after taking it.

The tear in the diaphragm that is the hiatus hernia is just underneath the heart, adjacent to the oesophagus, beside the heart’s major blood vessels – the Aorta and the Vena Cave – that gives it its natural weak spot. Not only does a tear or strain therefore cause “heartburn” for that reason – but also the muscles controlling the swallowing spiral of the oesophagus anchor onto the diaphragm. This prevents the sphincter from closing and that allows then for a reflux of stomach contents.

The Mixed Pectins may prevent this with their gelling properties, that still allow for normal digestion. QED!

The pectins

Citrus pectins help to form a regular and healthy stool, while making a gel of stomach fluids, so reducing reflux. Citrus pectin also helps to adsorb toxins and also is a prebiotic[i].

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Apple pectin also has well-known traditional health benefits[v].
Seaweed extract (Sodium Alginate) has also health benefits apart from its gelling action[vi] that involve healthy weight loss, stool regularity and a healthier intestinal permeability including reducing excessive fat absorption[vii].
Acacia, also a gelling agent, has significant benefits in helping immune status[viii], maintaining the gut barrier and also helping to ferment healthy bacteria that confer many benefits[ix]


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