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Why supplement with fat?

The reason is that most Australian diets are essentially deficient in good fats.*

50% of your fats need to comprise omega-3 oils. These can came from plants as well as fish.

What’s special about Phil’s Oil?

Our oil is a tasty blend of chemically free and organic oils derived from seeds and nuts. Do you know that, according to recent research conducted by Dr Felice Jacka of the Food and Mood centre, dietary deficiencies of essential fats may contribute to brain disorders and depression? So, by adding two tablespoonsful of this blend to your diet daily, it may also be part of the answer to helping to relieve your fuzzy thinking and depression.

What else can happen if I correct my dietary fat imbalance?

Firstly, your excess body fat may gradually reduce.*

*According to research by Nutritionists Paul Mannion, Mike Curley, Prof. Jeffry Bland, at al.

Secondly, my cellular respiration may become healthier. And that makes me healthier.

Your cholesterol may become healthier! and your biomarker age may even come down. This Oil when added to Phil’s Green Smoothi base, will then give you over 100 dietary elements that your body cannot make for itself. And that means to you that, when taken regularly, you finally may have a fighting chance of remaining healthy throughout your life.

Can heating these oils be harmful?

Yes. According to research, heating omega-3 oils increases the chance of contamination by harmful, oxygen free radicles.** Phil’s Oils should only be taken in Phil’s Green Smoothi or added to salad dressing. Never heated.


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