Herbal Cold and ‘Flu health tonic 100ml

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Only on request, we can make for you various combinations of evidence-based herbs that your local or our in-house naturopath may prescribe or one of our specially-trained pharmacists may recommend.

Such herbs that show anti-viral properties are: Achillea millefolia, Sambucus nigra, Mentha piperita, Andrographis, Hedera helix, and we stress that they are more effective when used in combination.

Make up your own formula with our naturopath: Herbs that show expectorant and anti-microbial (infection control) properties  such as Inula helenium Verbascum thapsis and Marrubrium vulgare may also be added where indicated.

If you have a dry cough, substitute one of the above herbs with Prunus serotina

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