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This unique formulation is made in our lab and as such it must be used freshly made. That’s why it is only available on request.

ZinAc capsules are formulated to contain a carefully-blended mixture or zinc and the other micronutrients that many systems in your body require. Zinc is involved in the activity of some 400-plus enzymes in your cells. These enzymes have jobs to do – building tissue and materials to protect you.  But you must heed a caution here: while zinc deficiency is widespread and should be supplemented where needed, taken as a supplement on its own wrongly can cause it to become toxic when taken in excess. That’s because all those enzyme systems require additional micronutrients to properly activate them.

So, it is important to ensure that zinc is accompanied by all those micronutrients when taken as a supplement, in order to ensure your health and that of your unborn child, if pregnant.

The same applies if you are taking ZinAc to help to make your immune system more active.

ZinAc was one of my first formulations that I had made as a tablet when I established the Sydney Acne Care Centre in the early eighties. Why? Because, when a naturopath helped me to recover from a severe illness in the late ’70s, the first thing I noticed was that I broke out in pimples as I was recovering!

So, I did my research and worked out that was why everybody was getting acne. We had lots of fun, clearing up acne on mature-age sufferers who had had established conditions.

One day, I received a letter from a GP who asked me to help his patient who had chronic fatigue. When I asked why, he said that one of his patients had both CFS AND acne – “and you cleared up both” So now I am sending you ALL my CFS sufferers!”. True story.

And to be honest, that is exactly how I felt that the original naturopath’s help had made me feel, also.

I later learnt from Cheraskin, Cameron and others the very real and logical reasons why this was all happening, and it was (and is) exciting being at the frontier of applying deficient nutrients to achieve observable wellness outcomes!


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