Wade’s Winter Mix aka Leuco-activate aka Wades Healthy Mix

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Leuco-activate (aka Winter Mix) is only available on request. Pleasant tasting, immune stim formula 50g and 100g and 200g.

Ok I have so much trouble naming this product because of its versatility.

What do I mean?

Ascorbic acid – About 2,00mg per half teaspoonful

Well, firstly, its high ascorbate level may help to re-fill usually woefully low levels of ascorbic acid (aka vitamin C) in your white blood cells. (See this link). That’s right, many other tissues and organs can absorb higher amounts of ascorbic acid that clearly affects their performance – if you give it to them!

Didn’t know that? Well, look at this reference. That’s right – your brain! So you need added vitamin C before and after playing contact sports to reduce brain cell impairment!

But what of your core cellular energy production? Ewan Cameron mentioned at the 1989 International Conference of functional medicine held in Sydney, that they discovered that ascorbic acid concentrated in mitochondria 50 times greater than that in serum. No offence but we were never told this in biochemistry studies – and Med and Pharmacy students are still not told this apparently. An inconvenient truth, perhaps?

So, it is fair to say that in the light of all this evidence, that Wade’s Winter Mix can “moonlight” as Leuco-activate.

But this does not really cover all the benefits of my immune-stimulating formula, so what else?


Well, we add in natural plant elements that are very useful in healing torn and inflamed tissue as the photo suggests. These are loosely called polyphenols, of which quercetin is the one most studied.

Colloidal minerals

Finally, we have added colloidal minerals from a natural source to ensure that the digestive system welcomes them in a digestible form when you take them in the form of a slight, pleasantly fizzy drink.

Need more Evidence ?

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