Wade’s Winter Mix aka Leucozip 100g

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Winter Mix

Pleasant tasting, immune stim, unique formula of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) complex.

By Phillip Wade ©

– trash the winter blues


sun tan

Help prevent radiation-induced free radical damage even from tanning.

Wade’s Winter Mix contains ascorbic that may enhance biometric age due to its neutralising effect on free radical pollutants that may shorten the life of human cells.

It activates white blood cells to kill viruses, enhances and protecting your brain, generates adrenal neuro-hormones, generates energy, cleanses cells of pollutants, and keeps a healthy skin and gut barrier.

First important job: Germ killing activity – like Corona virus, among others.

So firstly, high levels of ascorbic acid (aka vitamin C) can increase by up to 40 times  your white blood cells’ activity.  It can also concentrate in these health-protecting cells by up to 100 times more than in serum (blood). What’s more, many other tissues and organs can also absorb higher amounts of ascorbic acid that clearly affects their performance – if you give it to them!

Second important job of ascorbic acid – enhancing and protecting your brain.

Didn’t know that? Well, look at this reference. That’s right – your nerves and also your brain! So you need added activated vitamin C before study and exams, and before and after playing contact sports to reduce brain cell impairment!

Third job – generating neuro-hormones in adrenal and other glands.

And worried about adrenal stress? Just look at this study that also shows how it is active in producing adrenal hormones. Didn’t know that? Neither did I until I found this discovery document.

Fourth job – generating more energy production

But what of your core cellular energy production? Ewan Cameron mentioned, at the 1989 International Conference of functional medicine held in Sydney, that the Pauling Institute discovered that ascorbic acid concentrated in mitochondria 50 times greater than that in serum (blood). No offence, but we were never told this in biochemistry studies – and Med and Pharmacy students are still not told this apparently. An inconvenient truth, perhaps.

Fifth job – cleansing cells of environmental pollutants and chemical residues

R F Cathcart found that Disease conditions can be lessened by using high doses of vitamin C safely by literally cleaning out your cells.

So, it is fair to say that in the light of all this evidence, that Wade’s Winter Mix can “moonlight” as Leucozip!

AND we could be justified in giving it another alias – adrenozip!

Sixth job – is an essential co-factor in producing carnitine. This is the amino acid that activates lipid (fat) metabolism That’s right – AA helps to burn down your fat.

But you have to have enough of it – every day – to keep you well. Prolifically-published and multiply-qualified author/researcher Emanuel Cheraskin was the only eminent researcher in this area of whom I know who conducted human experiments to investigate the optimum daily dose. He found that we need on average, 5,000mg per day to prevent degenerative illnesses. All the above information has been gradually discovered since – and during – his heydays – the 1930s to the ’90s!

But this does not really cover all the benefits of my immune-stimulating formula, so what else?

Bioflavonoids are anti-ageing

Well, according to this recent BMC publication, the natural plant elements (citrus bioflavonoids) that we include are actually photo-anti-ageing and also potent in healing torn and inflamed tissue. These are loosely called polyphenols, of which quercetin – the major component of the citrus bioflavonoids that we use – is the one most studied.

Colloidal minerals

Finally, we have added colloidal minerals from a natural source to ensure that, with the added vitamins, the digestive system welcomes them in an absorbable form.

Dispersable base

The naturally-flvoured powder is auto-dispersing and slightly effervescent, with the ascorbic acid reacting with the alkaline minerals allowing the cells to take them in as they would find them in nature and giving a sherbert, pleasant tingle on the tongue.

Available in various sizes – 50g, 100g – or… order to suit a family.

We suggest that you order no more than one month’s supply.

Bottom Line

My advice is to take 1/2 a teaspoonful twice daily. Just pop it into a glass of water, allow it to disperse, and – have a pleasant drink! Happy Smiley Face | Happy smiley face, Funny emoticons, Smiley

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