Wade’s comprehensive, custom-sized multivitamin MVM 12:78

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MVM 12:78 – the “Mother’s Milk of your cells”.

Why do I bother to make my own – when I can only legally make if you request them first?

Because I have not been able to find – ever – a complete commercial multivitamin/mineral formulation.

So I set out to attempt the world’s first, perfect multivitamin in our own compounding lab!

Wades MVM 12:78© bespoke multivitamin/mineral comes in a pleasant-tasting, slightly fizzy powder and capsules.

These can be custom-made to order.

Balanced Bs

And the vitamins and minerals are balanced in these preparations.

Did you know that you should take supplements with B vitamins to support inadequate dietary intake – and that they must be takin in a balanced way?

In this way your gut can absorb them fully in specialised, “active” receptor sites, being able to be carried by SMVT (a sodium-dependent multivitamin transporter).

And what happens if they’re not? Well it is suggested that imbalance may not allow the others to “get through” the gut barrier into your bloodstream.

So, for example, to much B1 will inhibit absorption of say, B2.

We aim at getting it right.

Minerals too need balance – or they won’t work either.

And hey, also vitamins are  used in the body to activate the catalyst proteins (enzymes) that work only with their specific vitamin and mineral.

And the same goes for the minerals, trace elements and ultra-trace elements.

Below helps to illustrate how they work – so it is important to get it right.

Compliments of Wikipedia


But we do know that we evolved initially in the ocean around 2 billion or so years ago and the ocean contains all the minerals that are also called trace elements in some cases.


And my best guess? We probably need ALL of them to fire off to perfection the 100,000 cellular reactions per second.

So that’s what we’ve done. Squeezed all 78 minerals, trace elements and ultra-trace elements into our formulation.

And they also need to be in balance to how your body can absorb them.


Cells work better when…

That means to you that all of your cells start working better – muscle cells, brain cells, glandular cells and organ cells.

But more than that – if you can imagine that you should be running about 100,000 cells in each cell in your body every second to be really in tip top health, and they will only happen  if the enzymes that drive them have their “activators” in place and ready to pop – then you’re going to feel more alive.

You feel more alive – how?

That’s because you’re going to be fully alive. Literally.

Another way of looking at that is that if only half your enzyme systems are working, then you’re going to be half dead. Literally.


Why do you need to supplement your diet?

We know that there has been a 90% decline in mineral content of food in the last 100 years.*

*Int. Congress of Natural Medicine Gold Coast, June 2019

Growing children can benefit significantly from Wade’s MVM (Multivitmin/mineral) capsules or powder.


And remember it is the minerals in food that help it to create vitamins that we cannot make. This link refers to only calcium, showing that 90% of 12-18Y.O. girls are deficient in calcium. And it says that calcium is a major cause of osteoporosis (e.g scoliosis).

So, supplementing daily with MVM 12:78 may be a logical way to offset disease states that occur as a result of potential vitamin and mineral deficiency.

Boys too.

Almost 70% of boys also are calcium deficient at critical growth periods. And upwards of 30% deficient in zinc. Zinc is important in gonadal and pancreas and immune and of course, skin development amongst other systems in the body. If things go wrong with those systems while growing – infertility, diabetes and general illness may dog someone for ife, unless corrected by a professional who understands the concept of balance.

Zinc is so important that we make a special ZinAc capsule – custom made to size – that I found very effective as the chief nutritionist and founder of the Sydney Acne Care Centre.

Caution: NEVER supplement with ainc on its own – it really needs to be combined with specific nutrients, otherwise things can really go wrong, as the Prasads found in the 50s and 60s.

Bs can be made by bacteria – in your own healthy colon!

These B vitamins also may be essential in helping to defend you against the extreme effect of everything from a pandemic virus like Covid-19 to peanut allergy.

Nerdy but nice – especially when flirting with Covid and Peanut Allergy

Why? Because of the role they play in helping with the Covid condition and peanut allergy through the co-factors TPP, NAD and FAD in activating acetyl hydrolase that “hoses down” the cytokine storm caused mainly by Platelet Activating Factor (PAF) that may cause the “ground glass” effect. PAF has also been found in tumour sites.

And people with low levels of acetyl hydrolase are more likely to die of anaphylactic shock.

How many Bs?

Did you know that the B vitamins, for example, are all needed and absorbed in different quantities? And the same applies to minerals. And that taking them out of balance can cause deficiencies in some, and over-supply in others? And that there are a total of 13 vitamins?

How many again??

Similarly, there are 78 minerals and trace elements listed as being potentially useful to maintaining human health, yet only a handful of minerals were surveyed. That’s why I believe that these should all be placed in a typical MVM preparation, albeit in mostly trace amounts, such as one might find in healthy soil. Despite best efforts, only a couple of dozen of the 78 have been investigated. Each one has been found to have a beneficial micronutrient effect.

Even the maligned cadmium is thought to have some biological benefit. Please note however that most minerals are toxic if taken in the oxidised (industrial) form and also if taken to excess. That is why it is necessary to find a formulation that is balanced and contains preferably colloidal forms of the minerals.

And that imbalanced over-supply of some minerals such as calcium, zinc and iron can also cause toxic effects?* So, the conclusion is, that while you should have an abundance without excess of minerals in your diet (and vitamins) that variety must be balanced.

Let me repeat

The Australian Health Survey identifies that our diet is mineral deficient. The survey targets half a dozen minerals, yet we can now say that most – if not all – minerals and trace elements that exist help your health – are deficient.

That’s why it took 35 years and about $70,000 to make the first capsule.

So, the evidence overwhelmingly favours the conclusion that you should always supplement all vitamins and minerals together, balanced and complete, and in healthy quantities to make up the difference between what the food and water supply provides and whet we actually need for optimum health.




And yet undersupply of these can lead to severe illnesses such as birth defects?**



**Australian Health Survey 2016



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