Sinus Tonic 100ml and 200ml or larger on request.

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Wade’s Sinus Tonic can only be made on request.

  • It is a combination of concentrated (1:1), evidence-based herbs that have the following properties: anti-catarrhal , Mucous membrane tonic, anti-inflammatory and demulcent, anti-viral and anti-microbial (infection).
  • Its design is aimed at helping to “clear” the sinuses by inducing mucus flow, and minimise infection.
  • It is best used when attending to other means of maintaining “clog-free” sinuses by:
  • rinsing sinuses with “normal” saline (0.9% salt dissolved in water) each morning
  • drinking adequate water daily in addition to other drinks (around 1.8 litres for an average male, 1.4 litres for an average female).  Caution: you may need an extra litre of water for every hour of moderate exercise.
  • If sinusitis is worse in the mornings, you should seek advice from a naturopath.

Phil Wade

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