Pharmacy Services

Flu Vaccinations  $20


Flu Vaccinations are mainly recommended for those who are elderly, diabetic, asthmatic or have other ongoing health issues. It is also beneficial for those who work in close contact with other people or who travel by public transport.

Types of flu vaccines

Some vaccines contain three strains of flu antigen (trivalent) and others, four strains (quadrivalent). We recommend quadrivalent vaccines. They usually comprise 2 Type A and two type B virus antigens.

Benefit to you

Vaccinations help to prevent illness by giving you immune protection in most cases, and by reducing the odds by including the strains of ‘flu most likely to appear in a “season”. Our recommended system to boost the body’s take-up of vaccination (“sero-positive”) is to follow-up the injection with Wade’s immune Action (aka Winter Mix).

Boosting vaccine uptake

A concentrated extract of immune-boosting plant nutrients helps to “pep up” your immune system, such as our own Magnimmune, and with that, its ability to acquire immunity against the antigen in any vaccine, not only flu vaccine.


We deliver vaccines in a private room.

All you need to do is to sign a prepared consent form.

Can pharmacists vaccinate people?

This pharmacy has a qualified pharmacist who is trained to give a flu vaccination.

Simply pop in and ask the duty pharmacists and we will do the rest.

 Strains of virus protection

There are 23 strains of influenza virus that are constantly mutating. The quadrivalent vaccine covers for two type A (H3N2 and H1N1) and 2 type Bs.

Wade’s Winter Mix / Immune Power

Immune Power was originally designed to actually prevent flu symptoms from becoming serious following exposure, even if you hadn’t been immunised. We designed it to make your immune system work harder, just what you also need when having a vaccination.

Ask any of our team members. Most of them have had excellent feedback in this regard.

The nutrients in Immune Action are chosen to be able to support white blood cells in their bid to kill microbes like virions and bacteria as well as repair cells. This process helps to also minimise inflammation and allergy as well as deeper-seated viral infections such as Glandular Fever.

Childhood vaccines for adults – price on application

From January, 2019, other vaccines will also be administered by the pharmacist for people over 16 Y.O.

They are:

Triple Antigen: This comprises three different antigens that are administered in a single dosage for:

  • Diphtheria
  • Tetanus
  • Whooping Cough (pertussis)

And we also do a single vaccination of another three strains:

  • Measles
  • mumps
  • rubella

These have been proposed for people who are living with or in regular contact with children.


Absence of Leave certificates.  $20.00

You will need a certificate to verify that your absence from work was due to an injury or illness to you (personal leave)  or a member of your immediate family who might  depend on you (carer’s leave).  Pharmacists may issue a certificate for minor illnesses, whereas a doctor will issue a certificate for a major illness.

Ask our pharmacist for an appointment by phone or just drop in. We will attend to your matter with little or no waiting time.


Home Delivery – free

For over 30 years, Wade’s Wellness Chemist has made delivery house-calls if you are unable to come to us. We aim to maintain this proud tradition in servicing the people of Lane Cove.

The benefit to you is that if you are stuck at work or in traffic, or are simply unable to leave home, we can bring the prescription to you.

Distance delivery

If you are on holiday or live remotely, we can arrange for your prescription to be posted or sent by courier, within regulation guidelines.


Medscheck  – free

Uncertain about what OTC medications that you can mix with your prescription medicine? Or if medicines that have been prescribed at different times may be clashing?

If so then you need a Medscheck.

Importance:       Also high if taking multiple medications – whether scripts or personally purchased.

Frequency:         annually

What is a Medscheck?

This is an overview of all the medication that you might be taking – whether the medication is prescribed by a doctor or if you purchase medications over the counter – either in a pharmacy or supermarket, garage etc.

So, ask our pharmacist to give you a comprehensive overview via our free Medscheck service.

The benefit to you is that we can ensure that you are not accidentally doubling up on medications – or indeed if one has been accidentally overlooked. The majority of hospital admissions in most countries are due to medication errors. But not for our customers!


Diabetes Medscheck  –  Free!

If you are a diabetic, you will need regular scrutiny of your medication to maintain optimum health. You may only be taking one or two medications to qualify for this free service, whether on prescription or off the shelf. All you need to do is to make an appointment.

Importance:       High.

How does it work?

Private consultation

Our consultant pharmacist can sit down with you in privacy and discuss your health concerns. Whether it is confusion over medications or all the endless TV “noise” about taking supplements, we can help to iron out the confusion.

Benefit to you

Diabetics are susceptible to many health problems, and casual medications can make these worse sometimes. It is the smart thing to do to get an annual check from our pharmacist – or more frequently if you prefer – so that we can help you to remain as healthy as possible.

Improve your health and reduce diabetes

On another level, Phil Wade, our pharmacist/naturopath can help if your health condition is perhaps deteriorating despite taking prescribed medications, despite our best intentions. He is a specialist in helping to maintain healthy joints, good circulation, vibrant energy, and permanent fat loss and body reshaping. Pregnancy diabetes may also be a preventable issue that Phil can help you with, by regular monitoring and attention to dietary detail.

Naturopath’s Consultation Cost may be reimbursed by private health funds.

Our Medical Nutritionist, Kirsty Wade, can assist in helping you to plan healthy, enjoyable menus that will fit in with your lifestyle and help you to achieve your health objectives. Kirsty specialises in women’s health and also children’s wellness issues with enjoyable food plans that are suited to modern living.


Home Medication Reviews

Home medication reviews (HMRs) occur when your doctor requests our pharmacist to review all of the medication that you have stored in your medicine cabinet. A simple report from us back to your doctor(s) will line up the medical team and keep you healthy as a result.

Why are HMRs essential?

In 12 months of the 2016-17 period, 11 million hospital admissions occurred in Australia, according to an analysis cited on Pubmed. Of these, up to 10% were through adverse drug (medicine) reactions, mostly from mis-use of medications.

The average admission costs taxpayers $3,800. That means about $4 billion of your tax money is being spent on needless, largely avoidable hospital admissions.

Benefit to you

Accidental “Double dipping” of medicines can occur when, for example, different doctors prescribe different brands of the same drug, or completely different drugs that might have the same class of action. These accidents may cause unwanted illness and suffering to you – everything from falls, psychotic episodes and ulceration, mostly leading to hospital admissions.

It is good to be able to avoid these unnecessary and unhelpful episodes.

The commonly mis-prescribed drugs in this area include blood pressure-lowering, anti-cholesterol and anti-depressant drugs. Other sources of this doubling-up effect can occur with analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs that can be purchased OTC at Chemists or supermarkets.

Sometimes you might even double up on your harmless vitamin supplements, creating imbalances  and unnecessary costs that are easily rectified. Rarely, one of these might clash with prescription-strength medication.

Clearly, Wades Wellness Pharmacy is ideally placed to deal with these anomalies, with our highly-trained team of pharmacists, pharmacist/naturopath Phil, and medical nutritionist Kirsty.


Blood Pressure Monitoring  $10

Our pharmacists are trained in giving you an accurate reading from modern, calibrated sphygmomanometers. They will keep a written record on your own confidential file, available for your doctor when next you see him.

As always at Wade’s, we will refer you to our natural therapists to improve your overall health outlook, should you ask.

Benefit to you

Keeping blood pressure stable saves lives. And it will save yours. Simple as that. For the price of a café snack or 2 light beers, what could be better value?

Natural approach

Should you wish to perhaps look at underlying causes for your blood pressure and address these, then as always, Phil, our Pharmacist/Naturopath is at your service.

Before you shake your head, please be assured on two counts.

  • The initial 15 minute consultation will be bulk billed to your private health fund
  • Phil will work with you to combine any suggested regime both with your budget and your lifestyle.


Blood Glucose Monitoring  $10

Our trained pharmacists will check your blood glucose levels with up-to-date monitoring devices. We will keep a record on your own confidential file available for your doctor or merely your own interest.

Whether you are a diagnosed diabetic or someone who merely wants to improve your wellness profile, we have ready-made solutions help you to achieve blood glucose levels that sit between the ideal range of 5.2 and 5.8. Kirsty and Phil, our pharmacist/natural therapist, are ready to guide you to healthy food choices to help achieve this, even while taking into account today’s fast lifestyle.


Blood Cholesterol monitoring.  $15

Our trained pharmacists are able to check your blood total cholesterol with an accurately calibrated device made in Germany.

What it entails

A simple finger-prick test to obtain a drop of blood.

Benefit to you

Gives regular updates for your doctor’s, naturopath’s and pharmacist’s benefit so that dosage may be changed if needed. So, if you are on a cholesterol-reduction scheme designed by Naturopath Phil and Medical Nutritionist Kirsty, then this will help to adjust your dosage.

Cholesterol + blood glucose level $20

We also offer a reading of total cholesterol and detailed readings of HDL and LDL with blood glucose. $25

Sharps Disposal

Diabetics and regular injected medication users:                               Our trained staff will take back your full sharps containers and dispose of them professionally. Sharps containers supplied.


Dose Administration Aids    Free service

Our trained pharmacists will show you the latest memory-aid technology in managing your medication. Suitable for busy people as well as those who are a little forgetful, this easy-to-use system will ensure that you take that all important, regular medication without missing a beat.

What it entails

Pharmacist-packed, weekly changed blister medication packs, separated into up to four possible dosage periods per day if needed.

Benefits to you

Not only a memory aid, this system instantly recognises when you “miss a beat” so that our pharmacist may help you to resume dosage safely.

Also this system gives dosage flexibility: e.g. if taking vitamin/mineral or other supplements on a trip; and dosage changes  included as they are made.


Prescription filing Service               Free service

We recommend that you allow us to file your repeats. We file your prescriptions in two ways: our electronic system and actual prescriptions filed alphabetically. This way, we can alert you for your next doctor visit as well as when repeats are due. The bonus is that it also keeps them safe.

Compounded prescriptions

These are filed separately in personal folders kept in hard ring-binders  This is due to the complexity of creating the final product.

Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis may be obtained at this pharmacy on prescription from your regular doctor.

Benefit to You

If you are suffering intractable pain, such as from cancer, or a neurological complaint such as epilepsy or motor neurone disease, then this avenue may provide a source of relief.

How Cannabis works

Cannabis contains over 700 constituents, many of them known to be active. They are thought to exert different types of effects. Some simply relax nerve function while others have actual analgesic (pain-killing) activity, such as PEA (palmitoyly ethanolamide). These are known to activate actual cannabis-specific receptors that are located in vesicles on the surface of your nerves and on other cells.

The Endo Cannabinoid System

It is not widely known that your body can make its own cannabis bio-chemicals, including THC and CBD. These vesicles can both produce and degrade cannabinoids. This may explain the observed phenomenon of different people reacting to different doses of cannabis – sometimes an up to 50 times greater dose being needed to produce the same effect.


Return of unwanted medicines

We dispose of your unwanted medicines safely through the RUM programme. In fact before political correctness hit full cycle, we also had an OPAL programme to make same available to poor people, help to save lives and do good in the world. Someone at the W.H.O. thought it would be a good idea to cease this.

Benefit to you

This system allows you to keep a clear medicine cupboard and prevents accidental “doubling up” on medication if the doctor should change your prescription. Taking such accidental overdoses of prescription medication can have results that range from disconcerting to disastrous.

What happens to the unused medicine?

Unused medicine that is taken in through the RUM scheme is packed into “hazard-yellow” drums in the pharmacy. Periodically, these are picked up and taken to a special high-temperature incinerator which disposes of them safely.

Home Health Care Equipment

Talk to us about your need for special home-care equipment. We can provide just about any option from drainage bags to crutches to commodes and everything in between.

Benefit to you

This service saves you having to deal with anonymous suppliers. Our friendly staff will always provide what you need and help you to settle in with its use.


Pain Management    – free service

According to the Painaustralia, “Pain is the most common reason why people seek health care, and yet it is the most misunderstood and neglected areas of health care. One in five Australians lives in chronic (ongoing) pain, including adolescents and children. This number rises to one in three in the over-65 age group”.

The major drawback from treating pain with pharmaceutical medication is the side effects – either stomach ulcers or bloating and constipation. The stronger pain killers like oxycodone and Fentanyl can cause horrible addictions also.

The step between GP and pain clinic.

Our pharmacy can offer you pain treatment in a novel way, by combining a moderate plant concentrate or a potent plant drug (with neither exhibiting side effects), with lower doses of standard analgesics, if the latter are needed at all.

We can gradually increase the relevant doses and combinations until you are comfortable.

We also offer various levels of microcurrent devices – from small, take-home, single-frequency battery-patches to a multi-frequency option that needs to be applied in our clinic. By combining these two options it further reduces your need for analgesics.

The benefit to you

  • You suffer fewer side effects
  • You get to treat your pain with a blend of natural substances that are harmonious with your body.
  • One of these plant “drugs” is PEA. Also one of the “entourage drugs” in the cannabis plant, this is an extract of palm oil that is also concentrated from soybeans. Made into capsules of 300mg in our compounding lab, this plant drug was originally discovered in 1957 by French researchers, with extensive studies revealing it to be a potent analgesic (pain killer) without any side effects.

Our pharmacy offers a stepping-stone system in the treatment of pain. We guide you through