Male hormones

Male hormones

Male health can be affected by many factors, chief among them being compromised hormone chemistry. Relatively young men find on testing, that their testosterone levels have reached unacceptably low levels. This phenomenon relates directly to poor sperm count and sperm motility, not to mention male vitality. Not only that but also, your sperm quality can also be affected. Many factors drive low sperm counts and testosterone levels. They include chemical exposure including lead, mercury and cadmium and also high levels of copper and chromium vi as well as other heavy metals like cobalt, strontium, tin and titanium, pesticides and petroleum or plastic pollutants, solvents, undernutrition, stress and anxiety, hidden food allergy, sedentary occupations, physical exposure to ionised and microwave radiation and heat.

That’s why we often investigate heavy metal contamination in your body using a preliminary urine test and, if positive, then hair analysis.

So, taking lifestyle and nutritional decisions are helpful and positive steps but what do you do in the meantime? One answer is to receive bio-identical hormone therapy.

Bio-identical hormone therapy has been found to be safe and effective in boosting relevant hormone levels in males and females, and consists of our compounding lab making up a preparation to what are now established guidelines. Your doctor or you may wish to research this issue and we are only too glad to provide the answers or direct you to the original source. This means that you can supplement your body’s deficiency with actual testosterone hormone that is metabolised by your liver in the normal way. This contrasts with synthetic hormones that are different enough to actual testosterone as to become non-biodegradable and accumulate in your body and the environment.

So, I would recommend that you make an appointment to discuss the issue fully with us. Only then can you make an informed decision.

Does every doctor prescribe testosterone or related hormones?

The incidence of people presenting these prescriptions is increasing and today’s doctors have the option of learning about this process in their regular continuing education conferences. We collaborate with doctors and also conduct education sessions.

Handled properly, this methodology has overall been proven to be safe. And as the hormones are completely bio degradable they do not accumulate in the water supply as do synthetic hormone active residues.

Other health issues that might be affected include swollen prostate gland, male pattern baldness and osteoporosis .

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