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Improve winter health generally!      

By Phil Wade


You may achieve a better health outcome after the jab and improve your health significantly during the winter months.

Following the “booster jab”:

Localise the injection that was delivered to your deltoid muscle by:

Better defence against New Infection (of Corona virus or the ‘flu virus following vaccination

Is it any coincidence that, in Australia 85% of people hardly realised that they had Corona virus infections and the remaining 15% developed illness in varying degrees with death occurring in a tiny fraction of cases?

Yet still, in Australia, until January 10, 2022, only 80 “Covid-related cases” under 60 YOs have resulted in death since the pandemic began with only 22 of those being directly attributed to Covid, acording to the ABS. Also see  ( .

This may hide the fact somewhat that our medical teams have done outstanding jobs and also many survivors may feel debilitated during the recovery time. And that over 220 under 60s have died from complications from a chronic illness when they became infected; and that the over 70s and 80s are the ones who are more at risk.

And the medical/journalistic hysteria may also blind us to the reason why.

Why some but not others?

But that still doesn’t answer the question of “why do so many elderly people get Covid and recover more easily than others in that age group”? This is an astounding figure, considering the almost daily, extraordinary “scare” headlines and panic-mongering from certain politicians trying to embarrass others, during the very period when we needed to be level headed and rational in our approach to the crisis of the pandemic.

That means to you that it has become quite obvious that throughout the course of the pandemic that those who have better health are the most likely to survive and thrive.

So, let’s examine the best approach to take to achieve this outcome, considering that more epidemics and viral outbreaks are sure to follow, as the current SARS pandemic followed the 2002 SARS pandemic, also with its attendant mutations to different strains.

Beating Covid with Better Health

Risking the stating of the obvious, the things that can affect our health are roughly divided into three major areas: how we live, what we eat and environmental insult.

Keep your distance – mask up in crowds

  • Take advantage of methods to acquire natural “Herd Immunity“.
  • Maximise your “safe” exposure to potential virus sufferers by mingling while keeping a respectful distance, where there is fresh, dry air and abundant, safe sunlight – like at the beach;
  • wear a mask in crowds;
  • moisturise your mouth and nostrils with water;
  • cough or sneeze tightly into your elbow;
  • if someone coughs or sneezes on you, take a further step backwards and sideways; mask up in crowded rooms; ensure good ventillation in rooms; exercise normal, advertised hygiene controls and expect your friends to reciprocate with all of the above.

Moisten Mouth and nose:          

Studies by the US navy post WW2 showed that people with moistened mouth and nostrils contract fewer cold infections.

Fresh air and sunlight.

Safe exposure to others in the outdoors has been proven to allow for herd immunity to develop.

Food tips

Enjoy fresh, nutritionally-dense, freshly-cooked home meals wherever possible. Avoid excessive sugars, Drink mainly water. See Phil or Kirsty for more specific dietary advice. (See below for more detail).

Why do I Need Supplements*:

Because we are grossly deficient in most minerals and vitamins from normal dietary sources, we need to use supplements.
To demonstrate the need for this, see the official Gov’t 2016 Health Survey, following the hyperlink, or using the key words:          Australian health survey: usual nutrient intakes calcium

Then scroll down the table of contents and find the table for vitamins and then minerals. Open up each vitamin and/or mineral. It reveals a table showing the usual dietary intake versus age groups in decades.

e.g. the table for “Calcium” reads like this: (Note the “90.3% of females who are deficient in calcium) and an accompanying statement in the survey that states:

“Calcium deficiency is the major cause of osteoporosis”  (aka Scoliosis in girls).

Also please note that calcium should be accompanied by companion minerals sich as magnesium, silica, boron, fluorine in relative concentrations such as are stated to be present in our mineral/vitamin supplements: Wades Smoothi, Supasmoothi, multivitamin/mineral capsules and powder, and mineral capsules.

Age (years) EAR (mg)(a) Prevalence of inadequacy (%)
Males Females Males Females
2-3 360 360 0.7 2.4
4-8 520 520 11.0 20.8
9-11 800 800 #45.5 #54.1
12-13 1050 1050 #67.0 #84.4
14-18 1050 1050 71.0 90.3
19-30 840 840 44.2 71.3
31-50 840 840 43.2 67.2
51-70 840 1100 63.0 91.2
71 and over 1100 1100 89.5 94.3


See link:

or look for a community garden near you.

Or to find a supplier, you could ask at:

The bottom line is that – in order to achieve maximum potential for prevention and recovery of viral and other infections along with observing the hygiene and distance precautions – stay healthy.

Vitamin C**
  • Ascorbic acid requires a special mention. Contrary to unfounded beliefs, we require ascorbic acid nutrient in relatively massive amounts. Not really being a vitamin but a sugar product that horses and dogs and other animals can make, it performs generally protective jobs in the body.
  • What does it do? It activates white blood cells and keeps all cells cleansed from environmental and food crop-treated toxic peroxides – especially grains.
  • Other research shows that ascorbic acid concentrates 100 times more in white blood cells than in blood serum, increasing their activity and numbers, and killing virus far more efficiently than sluggish white blood cells, as one of many articles in this and other respected journals testifies.
Dietary Fats/Oils:***   
Omega-3 fatty acids may minimise capillary blood clotting, as in new Covid infections, that appears to be the major cause of illnesses and deaths. Also handy for this purpose following injections. You can obtain these from either fish oil or

from organic seed and nut sources.*** Wade’s Oil Herbal medicines:          

Some herbs are noted for their protective action against Corona virus and other viruses – Artemisia annua (Sweet Wormwood), Ginkgo biloba, Andrographis paniculata, Melissa officinalis (Lemon Balm), Zingiber off. (Ginger), Sambucus nigra (Elderberry), Achillea millefolium (yarrow) and Mentha piperidens (peppermint) being chief amongst with the latter three being by far the most pleasant-tasting!

*That’s why in our compounding lab, we make what I think of as “the world’s first perfect multivitamin”.

Additionally, Wades Green Smoothi contains not only a complete and balanced complement of all 70-odd essential minerals and 12 vitamins but also other dietary essentials such as freeze-dried greens and the 12 essential amino acids plus soluble fibre, other essential dietary nutrients, plus pre- and probiotics to keep your body healthy.

See link:

** That’s why I made our Ascorbate complex – it contains companion nutrients that help to activate it and in turn, activates health-promoting enzymes.

I recommend half a teaspoonful twice daily in water of Wades Winter Mix aka Leukozip.

***We obviously prefer the Wades Oil because it is also true that you need about 12-15% of fats every day for optimum health – AND omega-3 fats should comprise 50% of that total.

(See Nutrition Almanac).

Bottom line

  • So, making up for the nutritional difference by following the above advice may give you a better chance of beating Covid.
  • For specific dietary or lifestyle advice, ask our pharmacist, our Naturopath or our Nutritionist.

Stay healthy for maximum prevention and recovery.

Micronutrients – what are they?

Vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and fats are needed to create life and maintain health.

Other vital elements from fresh foods may enhance your health – and promote healthy growth in teenagers – such as mushrooms, greens and other colours in plant foods, probiotics from soil and the prebiotics that enhance their growth. They drive all cellular activity, help to keep your 50 trillion cells free of contaminants and to maintain healthy DNA, and finally are responsible for maximising your energy production.

Finally the “soluble” fibre that builds these plant “skeletons” cleanse your gut and produce regular motions, provided that you drink fresh water from uncontaminated streams.

Is vital Micronutrient really deficient in our normal food?

Yes, and this is of concern.  But why?

It’s because the evidence is clear that our soil has become seriously depleted in minerals that help to grow and maintain healthy human cells, we are gradually become depleted in health and resilience (check our blogs under “health” or “nutrition”).

Also, the plants need minerals and composted material in the soil to make vitamins.

AND so do our potable underground water supplies.

It is a genuinely worrying trend that this serious soil nutrient decline is happening globally.

So that makes the taking of the right supplements a way of life.

Reminding you that this info is well documented in: the Australian health survey: usual nutrient intakes

Try our shop for a list of balanced dietary supplements designed to fill in those gaps in our usual nutrient intakes.

The need for supplements

Let me say at the outset that having to take supplements to stay healthy is a necessity because of the above reasons .

And when you do take them, the contents should be all in balance with your body’s actual ability to absorb them.

So when I first discovered these truisms, I went looking for the “ideal”, well-balanced and complete vitamin/mineral supplement.

And there weren’t any commercially available and, to the best of my knowledge, still aren’t. So I started to make one myself.

That became the Wade’s MVM capsules and powder.

Then I realised with a jolt that we were also deficient in essential amino acids and the polyphenols that are the pigment colours in plants that the body also cannot make for itself, relying on daily dietary supplies for health.

And the same applied to soluble fibre and the other abovementioned elements and others.

So I added them in and that became Wade’s Green Smoothi.

Then I noticed that the commercial weight loss meal replacement and/or body building powders were similarly incomplete, so I added specific, natural, 100%-tissue-creating elements (macronutrients), and that became Wade’s Supasmoothi.

Then I realised that we were all deficient in omega-3 fats that I found should comprise 50% of your total body fats, so that became Wade’s Oils. (see “good fats, bad fats” on our website).

Then I found that we are all given inadequate advice about vitamin C, that drives energy production, cellular cleansing and above all – boosted Immune resistance to Corona virus and every other virus and bacteria etc.

So that became Wade’s Winter Mix.


If you are one of those people who sleep in a lot, eat ready-prepared foods, rarely exercise and spend money to smoke, drink too regularly, or snort white powder at the Friday night disco – sometimes your only exercise for the week – you will probably complain about the cost of fresh, organic food.


So if you should change your ways and get up early and go for a morning jog 3 days a week, and hit the beach or the local bowling green on the weekend, cook your own food, and drink or smoke to a reasonable budget, you will be surprised how much better you feel.

Nobody is that perfect you say? You would be surprised how many people live along those lines. Yes, the joy of life is all around us – city and country. So, to stay healthy and help beat Covid, get high on life – not Ice or white powder, excessive alcohol or sugary drinks.     So  keeping circulation going with regular activity, avoiding crowds regularly, eating fresh foods as often as possible, taking a well-balanced supplement to bolster these are keys to health.

And remember to drink abundant water, especially if lightly-mineralised and from pure sources.

And of course, if you want to quit cigarettes, contact us.

Environmental Insult

In general, processed food is not only more expensive than shopping at the greengrocer, butcher or the IGA, but also contains sub-optimal nutritious value. In fact the Aust Health Survey reveals that our nation’s people are only receiving about 70% of their body’s vital needs on a daily basis.

Those who go to the trouble of cooking breakfast, cutting their own lunch and eating a wholesome meal for dinner will obviously be in better health, especially with some fresh air and regular exercise thrown in…

Contaminants such as Pesticide

Synthetic pesticides that are administered to many crops and animal feed for our consumption can accumulate then slowly cripple your nerves in your body and brain in the long term, so seek out organic foods – whether in shops, home delivery or even home-grown. And of course, we greatly support the notion of growing them at home.  See link:;

Also, see our article on heated and peroxidated fats and oils:


Phil Wade, Wades Wellness Clinic, 152 Burns Bay Rd, Lane Cove  02 9420 4959 

(In the premises of P & J Wade, Chemists)

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