Phil’s Pectins


Phil’s Pectins

These are a specially-crafted blend of “pectins” that are designed to cut down reflux while you are sleeping (“Nocturnal Reflux”) by making a gel of stomach contents.*

Why is this important? Because nocturnal reflux is a constant finding of my clients who suffer from sinusitis, fatigue and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA). That’s why we have a highly-trained OSA consultant in our pharmacy.

Why might nocturnal reflux be unhelpful for your long-term health prospects? And why might I not notice that I have it?

It is unhelpful for health because reflux can partially obstruct your airway while you are asleep. OSA has been associated with blood pressure episodes and also diabetes and obesity. (See the “sleep Apnoea article).

Nocturnal Reflux can also lead to long-term sinusitis, as stomach contents may enter the sinuses while you are asleep.

What other benefits may these provide?

The apple pectin component may help to minimise the effects of radiation*, to which we are all increasingly exposed.

They may also act as an efficient prebiotic, helping to grow your increasingly challenged microbiome.

Why might I not be aware that I have reflux?

Simply because you are asleep while it happens.

Can reflux disturb my sleep?

Yes it can. Reflux causes a partial airway obstruction. You have four major “layers” of sleep depth, and can only “re-charge your brain” at the deepest point. Lack of brain oxygen causes a partial brain arousal and it won’t re-charge properly. This will lead to day-time drowsiness, according to the Macquarie Hospital Sleep Apnoea specialists. And this drowsiness that was often mistaken for narcolepsy in the past means that you will be a traffic hazard if it occurs while you are driving.

Phil’s Pectins are derived from the pith of various fruits, and arabinogalactans that are derived from the inner bark of a specific tree. They gently coat your food-pipe (oesophagus) and make an efficient gel that may form a “raft” of your stomach contents. This way, it can cut down reflux.

The added bonus is that you are receiving health-giving soluble fibre to assist in normal adsorbing of gut toxins and waste – AND help to give you a firm stool!

So, why would anybody who is interested in their health be without it?!

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