Wade’s Teen Caps

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Wade’s Teen Caps are designed to correct dietary deficiencies that have been announced by our own Government Survey.

Well-balanced and complete mineral/vitamin supplements are essential for healthy growth, according to the Australian Health Survey of 2011, 2015 and 2018, that state that the growth of teenagers of both sexes renders them deficient in normal diets in most minerals and vitamins. And it states that that these deficiencies can lead to scoliosis and potentially other chronic illnesses.

One approved study showed that mild to severe teenage diabetes is associated with zinc deficiency.  Another, by the WHO, clearly implies that ensuring a child’s zinc status is adequate is a major part of preventing onset of ill health and also diabetes. This is backed by science that shows that it requires an atom of zinc to complete a molecule of insulin. And also by the Australian Health Survey as mentioned above, that states that growth is a factor that leads to general micronutrient deficiency.

Later surveys show the disturbing trend of unwell teenagers and adults continues.

And finally, that is usually our finding in our natural therapy clinic that is anaxed to the pharmacy.

Our Teen Caps are fortified with an added balance of calcium, magnesium and zinc with 75 other required nutritional micronutrient co-factors that are required for normal cellular activity.

In cases of rapid growth, they may be added to our Green Smoothi

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