Teen Capsules


Phil’s own formulation gives growing teenagers those extra nutrients – fuel that they need to support healthy growth and hormone production – and all in one capsule!

And not just “energy” fuel like starches, sugars and fats. It also needs thousands of micro-nutrients in each cell, micro-nutrients that the Australian Dietary Survey tells us that we lack in our daily diet.

Using our trademark MVM 78:12 complete and balanced formula of ALL vitamins and minerals that you require, all in the correct quantities that your body needs every day of your life, we add those extra micro nutrients that you need as a growing teenager, and that normally require you to buy extra supplements.

Benefit to you

All the nutrients that you require are packed into one capsule. Saves you filling up a basket full of different supplements just to get the same effect that you would receive in just one capsule! Take as directed by our nutritionist and feel the difference.